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Vera Paints Ibiza in the Sun was
produced in 1972. Filmmaker Fred Salaff
accompanied Vera on one of her inspirational trips to the beautiful Spanish Island of Ibiza. We see how a textile design is born and we follow all the steps in getting the design to the showroom.


  In the Company of Vera is a look into the working of the Vera Companies founded by Vera Neumann, a revered household name in textile print art and design. The film made in 1976 shows the inner workings of a unique company which spawned Perry Ellis.   In the Mainstream:
The Cleveland Quartet

This 52 minute multi award-winning documentary follows the illustrious string quartet as they play, teach and record around the world. Produced by Fred Salaff.
  Passage to Panama:
A Musical Journey
The music of Panama is the richest in the entire Western Hemisphere due to the historical events centered on the tiny Isthmus of Panama. Through interviews and musical performances narrated on camera by Don Chocho Espinosa who also wrote and co-produced, you will enjoy an incredibly rich musical journey. A film by Fred Salaff. 
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    Elevator a.k.a Chip Cobalt and friends announces the release of Flying Colors the 23rd CD in the series.
It is primarily intended for relaxed listening on good quality headphones to bring out the spatial qualities of the sounds and rhythms while creating a sonic massage-imagery to the listener. This is high-energy electro-acoustic music transporting one on a sometimes intriguing sometimes beautiful sound-movie as it travels through inspiring and entrancing scenery.

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  ChoCho y Su Son - La Payoya is the creation of ChoCho Espinosa, Panamanian composer, historian and journnalist.  The music on this CD is a fusion of Panamanian and Afro Cuban sounds.
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Golden Age Productions produces and distributes documentary video and music productions for internet sales, television and cable programming. Interested organizations or individuals may contact us at: webmaster@goldenageproductions.comfor further information. Subjects of interest include Vera Neumann,better known as simply Vera, the Cleveland Quartet, and La Payoya, the best of Caribbean Sound from Panama. Remember, Vera and Vera Neumann found here. Vera is the one and only Vera. Passage to Panama: A Musical Journey. Film by Fred Salaff

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