Flying colors is the 23rd CD by Elevator aka Chip Cobalt who has developed a new style of music over 40 years which he calls 3-d music.  It is primarily intended for relaxed listening on good quality headphones to bring out the spacial qualities of the sounds and rhythms while creating a sonic massage -imagery to the listener. 

Inspired and encouraged at a young age by his songwriter uncle, Bernie Wayne, (Blue Velvet) Chip blends sampled sounds and electro-acoustic sounds with those of guest artists. Flying colors features the fx guitar artistry of Laurie Gane (founder of the 60s English band "the Yardbirds."


A review by Canary of  WOMR FM RADIO
Provincetown, MA

The opening for FLYING COLORS is just as fabulous as the continuation. The slight key warps are unexpected and fast. And then the music starts to climb. I think of the Slack Key guitar from Hawaii although I don't think a guitar is even in this album consisting of one trance inducing cut. The tempo is slow until it isn't! Picking up wherever he left off, Chip Colbalt is creating wonderful albums that I think would be enjoyed by people coming from electroacoustic music(which this is actually), new age, new romantic (classical in disguise) and sound art.

I think many Rock and Rollers might pass. The music seems to have backed up into the original tempo which is fairly slow, easygoing, Southern California Sun. I hear the organ swirling behind the voice(s), simple tangerine tamborine on your knees for rhythm. Several voices with familiar ruffs throughout the whole album. Some way back and underneath, some in the foreground. And then a new line from the organ, a slight twist from everyone and a
hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm from the women singing. A slight hitch up, a ratchet up and wind chimes are used here. This album is always changing, but in subltle ways.
This is a really great CD!"






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