Chocho y su Son is a Panamanian musical group, created by newsman, composer and percussionist, Juan Antonio Espinosa Aguilar. Juan Espinoso has been a historian and investigator of the musical roots and the African influences Caribbean music. The CD features performers Jaime ELlis, Mauricio Smith, Jr., and Yindo Rodriguez.

His recent creation, "La Payoya" was inspired in a trip he made to the province of Darien, which borders with Colombia, where he witnessed the cooking in a huge pot by local Embera-Wounan indians of a soup called in Panama, "sancocho" but the local indigenous people called it "Payoya." In this song he combines the Puerto Rican rhythm known as "Jala-Jala," the Dominican "Merengue" and bits of Jamaican "Reggae."




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